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Chiropractic adjustments can help you enjoy a healthy pregnancy by reducing joint stress caused by changes in your body that occur to accommodate your growing baby. Hormonal changes make the pelvis more flexible in preparation for birth. This can result in less stability in the lower back and pelvis, making the muscles, joints, and ligaments in these areas more susceptible to injury. Chiropractic care can help expecting moms by:

  • Restoring joint mechanics to reduce pain and improve function

  • Decreasing labor pain and stress by supporting proper joint function of the pelvis and lower back

  • Helping the spine adapt to the increased weight and altered posture of pregnancy

  • Educating you on lifestyle modifications to decrease spinal stress, such as proper lifting techniques

  • Implementing exercises and stretches that improve spinal health

The Webster Technique

Dr. Jordan is certified in the Webster Technique. Developed by Dr. Larry Webster of the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association, this technique was designed to reduce stress on the pelvis during pregnancy. This helps the ligaments of the sacrum and uterus relax, allowing your baby to move into optimal positioning in the womb for delivery. This technique is very useful throughout pregnancy in relieving pain associated with pelvic imbalances. It also helps to insure a safe, natural delivery with less risk of C-section or other unplanned interventions that arise due to breech positioning of the baby.

Chiropractic & Pregnancy

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