Pediatric Chiropractic   


Adjustments are beneficial to anyone with a spine! Just like chiropractic for adults, adjustments can help children of all ages feel better and maintain joint health as their growing bodies change so quickly. A healthy spine = a healthy nervous system, and nervous system health is very important in children, as it is the master system that helps the rest of the body function properly. The spine is the communication pathway from the brain to the body. A subluxation, or restriction in spinal joint motion, can be caused by the 3 T's: Trauma, Toxins, or Thoughts, also known as Physical, Chemical, or Emotional stressors. Children experience the 3 T's just like adults. See examples below.  


Chiropractic for Babies

Trauma (Physical):

  • In utero constraint: breech position, cord wrapped around neck

  • Birth: vacuum extraction, forceps, C-section, long labor/pushing phase

  • Physical stressors: extended back time causing skull flattening, excessive use of "baby containers" such as bouncer, jumper, bumbo, swing. 

Thoughts (stress):

  • Sensing mother's emotions in utero

  • Losing the comfort of the womb, particularly if separated due to NICU stay, etc.

  • Adjusting to life in the world 


  • Ultrasounds, pharmaceuticals in utero

  • Antibiotics, steroids, vaccine adjuvants

  • Chemical stressors: formula, food additives, cleaning products

Chiropractic for Kids

Trauma (Physical):

  • Falls/injuries

  • Poor posture related to device usage/gaming

  • Excessive backpack weight

Thoughts (stress):

  • Learning to handle big emotions

  • Still adjusting to life in the world 

  • Stress from school or family issues


  • Pharmaceutical/prescription drugs

  • Household products

  • Food sensitivities or additives

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