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Chiropractic Care for Moms & Babies

Dr. Jordan is passionate about taking care of families. As a mom, she knows first hand how hard pregnancy can be, and not just physically. Physical, chemical, and emotional stressors affect overall health and nervous system function. Pregnant and postpartum moms, infants, and young children are vulnerable to each of these stressors. Chiropractic care throughout these phases is incredibly important to maintain a healthy spine & nervous system, which impacts overall health & wellness.

  Chiropractic helps with:  

Pregnant mom, pregnancy, prenatal


  • back pain

  • sciatica

  • pubic symphysis disorder

  • ligament pain

  • hormonal headaches

  • piriformis syndrome

  • carpal tunnel

  • sleep 

  • faster labor & easier delivery

Newborn, infant, baby


  • colic

  • reflux

  • torticollis (head tilt + spasm)

  • constipation

  • ear infections

  • plagiocephaly (head flattening)

  • sleep 

  • difficulty breastfeeding

  • carseat discomfort

happy kids, school children


  • allergies & asthma

  • digestive issues

  • bedwetting

  • sleep

  • scoliosis

  • concentration

  • balance & coordination

  • growing pains

  • immune health

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